Medical cannabis education and resources

Medical Cannabis education is a priority

At Little Green Pharma we are committed to the generation and sharing of emerging global medicinal cannabis evidence to improve the medical cannabis education globally. Our goal is to raise the level of cannabis education for patients, practitioners and the broader community.

Working closely with healthcare professionals

While there is significant global patient demand for medicinal cannabis treatments, there has been very little medical training for healthcare practitioners. This is mainly due to the fact that cannabis was previously illegal for medical purposes but also because the discovery of the Endocannabinoid System (ECS) wasn't made until the early 1990's and still isn't on the curriculum at medical school. This combination, along with no previous exposure to medicinal cannabis, can lead to a lack of understanding and confidence when prescribing. This often creates frustration for both patients and practitioners.

To counteract this, we plan to build awareness and credibility of medicinal cannabis in Australia and Europe by working closely with key opinion leaders, doctors and healthcare professionals and providing them with educational resources and information relevant to their relevant regulatory frameworks.

Our team already works closely with practitioners in Australia by sponsoring, presenting and participating in practitioner educational events, conferences and expos in Australia and overseas. We have also partnered with patient advocacy groups to educate both patients and practitioners on medicinal cannabis treatments for specific conditions.

In addition, we assist medical practitioners with navigating the complex regulatory process to help save them time, effort and cost.

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