Healthcare Professional focused

Support for Healthcare Professionals

Little Green Pharma welcomes the opportunity to work with healthcare professionals and provide them with:

  • research using medicinal cannabis for specific conditions,
  • educational training,
  • comprehensive information on the effects of medicinal cannabis,
  • detailed information on the regulatory framework,
  • further information on our products available for use in Australia, and
  • assistance with Special Access Scheme applications using LGP products, including Authorised Prescriber applications.

Healthcare professionals can contact our Education Team by filling in the form below or at
Alternatively, you can phone (08) 6280 0050.

Introductory Guide to Medical Cannabis

A Clinical Guidance guide specifically designed for Australian prescribers which outlines the common applications, therapeutic benefits, legal framework and dosing considerations of medical cannabis. All the resources you’ll need in one document.

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Please note: this guide is only available to qualified healthcare professionals.

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