Industry update: March 2021


13 Apr 2021

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Record number of TGA SAS B approvals in March

The TGA approval numbers just keep on climbing

The Therapeutic Good’s Administration (TGA) has released its March special access scheme (SAS-B) approval figures smashing last month’s record numbers. In March, the TGA approved a total of 9,959 SAS B applications for medicinal cannabis prescriptions. Back-to-back months with record numbers. You can read last month’s summary here

The growing approvals from the TGA indicate that the overall acceptance for medical cannabis as a treatment in the health care industry is improving. This time last year only 3,378 approvals were granted. With more research available from around the world and in our own backyard, health care professionals are listening to the call from patients.

Research from the TGA's Freedom of Information Act (FOI) has also identified some of the key conditions that medicinal cannabis is prescribed for. The top 5 conditions in order are:

1. Chronic pain - 62,486 approvals

2. Anxiety - 12,732 approvals

3. Cancer pain and symptom management - 5,331 approvals

4. Insomnia - 4,152 approvals

5. Neuropathic pain - 3,761 approvals

The top 5 conditions represent 80% of the total allocation for medicinal cannabis scripts, with this population being split evenly between males and females. The outlier in this group was anxiety. This cohort had far more males requesting scripts compared to females. You can read more here

The QUEST initiative?

Do you want to participate in research? The QUEST initiative is currently looking for patients to join a quality of life study. Learn more about this study here.

Would you like information on how to access medicinal cannabis?

Please download our Simple steps to access for more information or contact our team on (08) 6280 0050 or

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