Little Green Pharma Stands Out Amid The Crowded Cannabis Canopy


15 May 2020

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Little Green Pharma Stands Out Amid The Crowded Cannabis Canopy

With dozens of medicinal cannabis plays now listed on the ASX and with many pretenders along for the ride, the serious exponents need to offer investors more than opaque promises about exploiting the healing herb.

This is ever more the case given the so-called ‘green gold’ is at risk of becoming a commoditised market – especially in jurisdictions such as the US where recreational pot is widely legalised.

So how do the genuine players stand out above the canopy of chancers?

Little Green Pharma (ASX:LGP) has some genuine pioneering notches on its belt.

The Perth-based outfit was the first to produce a home-grown medicinal cannabis product for patient use (in August 2018) and it was also the first to export when it became legal to do so.

“Even today we are the only local producer among the 130 products available,” says LGP founder and CEO Fleta Solomon.

“There are lots of licences issued and a lot of people growing, but no-one has actually produced the finished medicines.”

LGP is also generating meaningful revenue: a unicorn-type rarity in the sector.

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Company news

Export licence approved

The company has been granted an Export Licence by the Federal Department of Health

Jan 2019

Quest News


The QUEST initiative is launched!
Little Green Pharma is proud to announce that it is sponsoring an Australia-wide medical cannabis study called the QUEST Initiative

Mar 2021

Fleta Solomon LGP


Little Green Pharma to commence trading on ASX 20 February

Little Green Pharma raised the maximum subscription amount of $10 million in an oversubscribed IPO.

Feb 2020

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