A new study has found that medicinal cannabis may be able to reduce the intensity of chronic pain in patients by as much as 30%.

A new study conducted by Southern Cannabis Holdings (SCH) has found that medicinal cannabis may be a highly effective treatment option for patients suffering from chronic pain.

The study was carried out by Applied Cannabis Research—which is a division of SCH—in partnership with Little Green Pharma (LGP), the first Australian producer of locally-grown and GMP-manufactured cannabis products.

This is in keeping with LGP’s ongoing business strategy, which centres on improving patient access through education and supporting the market with cannabis grown at the company’s secure facility in Western Australia.

Applied Cannabis Research chose to focus on chronic pain patients who have exhausted conventional forms of therapy for the study, which is currently recruiting an additional 300 patients over the age of 25 via the Cannabis Access Clinics’ healthcare network.

Initial findings from the study—which makes uses of Little Green Pharma products—have demonstrated a trend in patients towards improvements in pain, anxiety, sleep disturbance, depression, and other quality of life measures.

For the full media release and to read more about this research, please visit: https://thegreenfund.com/is-cannabis-the-answer-to-the-chronic-pain-crisis

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