The Therapeutic Good’s Administration (TGA) has released its July figures for special access scheme (SAS-B) approval which has surpassed 10,000 for the second straight month. In June the total SAS B approvals stood at 10,415 with this month’s figures tallying 10,755!

The July figures were also accompanied by a spike in Authorised Prescriber numbers which hit 341 across Australia. Authorised Prescribers are practitioners that can write medicinal cannabis scripts for patients without having to wait for approval via the SAS B scheme (as they are already have been approved to prescribe a number of products). The scripts from authorised prescribers do not factor into the total numbers of SAS B approvals presented by the TGA, meaning that the number of patients across Australia accessing medicinal cannabis is higher.

Chronic Pain Australia has also released its 2021 National pain survey results. From the 2,233 participants, only 38.77% of patients spoke to their GP about accessing medicinal cannabis for the management of their chronic pain. The general feedback from this was that GPs were dismissive and mentioned the barriers to prescribe.

Would you like assistance finding a doctor who is prescribing medicinal cannabis?

Then call the LGP Connect team on 1300 703 999 or email and they can assist you find a practitioner that suits your location and budget.

Would you like information on how to talk to your own doctor about medicinal cannabis?

We know it can be difficult to start a conversation with your doctor. Little Green Pharma has produced a Simple steps to access guide to help you approach this process. If you need more information contact our team on 1300 703 999 or

Do you want to participate in research?

The QUEST initiative is currently looking for patients to join a quality of life study. Learn more about this study here.

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