A doctor will need to establish during a patient/doctor consultation if medical cannabis is a suitable option for you based on your circumstances and medical history.  Any doctor can prescribe medicinal cannabis in Australia and they don’t need additional qualifications. However, some doctors may be reluctant due to a lack of training, familiarity or due to the application process involved.  

Patients can first check their eligibility for medical cannabis

Talking to your doctor about medical cannabis

Where possible it’s recommended you talk to your own doctor in the first instance to check if they are open to prescribing medicinal cannabis.

Here’s some hints on having an informed conversation talking to your doctor.

If your regular doctor is ready to prescribe medical cannabis for you but needs help then Little Green Pharma can assist them with:

  • education
  • product information
  • help with the application process of cannabis medicines.

Your doctor can call us for assistance. Please pass on our details or we can reach out to them upon your request.

We can connect you with another doctor

Our Customer Care Team can connect you with another doctor who is familiar with medical cannabis and fits your budget, needs and location.

This is a good option if your doctor is unwilling to prescribe medicinal cannabis or you would prefer to see a more experienced prescriber.

At your consultation the doctor will discuss your conditions and symptoms, your current medication and finally the benefits and risks associated with using medicinal cannabis. While it is possible that you do your own research on medicinal cannabis before your appointment, your doctor will have a clinical view on whether this treatment route is appropriate for you

If your doctor feels like medicinal cannabis is a viable option for you, they will then discuss the different products that are available to you. 

Make a booking

Book a consultation with a qualified, specialist doctor.

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