Instructional Video for Patients and Patient Carers

This instructional video presented by Dr Joe Kosterich is to assist patients or carers of patients who have been prescribed LGP Classic range medical cannabis with how to administer the product.

How to use the LGP Classic range

Are you dosing correctly?

Please check the image below to ensure you are titrating to the correct part of the syringe.

Please note: Patients should draw liquid to the base of the syringe to extract the correct dosage. The shorter tip is not the correct level. Refer to the image to assist.

Using LGP products

Further Resources

Lost or misplaced your CMI?

If you have lost or misplaced your CMI leaflet, a pdf copy is available for download below:

Or you can call or email Little Green Pharma at or Ph 1300 703 999 Otherwise, please contact your doctor.

Want to track your dosing?

If you wish to obtain a dosing diary for personal use, you can request this at or Ph 1300 703 999

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