Little Green Pharma began with an innovation

An innovation launched this company

In 2017, the company founder who had been working to develop a micro-particle treatment for tumour cells, decided to apply the technology to Medicinal Cannabis. This decision led to two significant milestones: we became one of the first companies to be granted a cannabis cultivation and production license in Australia; and secondly, we obtained a patent over the resulting micro-dose cannabis formulation. We anticipate this formulation will help achieve therapeutic dose with less active ingredient and result in lowered product manufacture costs.

Significant milestones:

  • April 2017: License to cultivate and produce Medicinal Cannabis granted by the Federal Office of Drug Control (ODC) in Australia
  • October 2017: Medicinal Cannabis Permit granted by the Office of Drug Control (ODC)
  • December 2017: First crop of Medicinal Cannabis was cultivated in Western Australia
  • May 2018: Australia’s first crop of Medicinal Cannabis for commercial use harvested
  • May 2018: Office of Drug Control (ODC) extends Medicinal Cannabis License by two years
  • June 2018: LGP the first company in Australia to pass the full suite of mandatory tests for commercial use
  • August 2018: First Australian-grown cannabis medicines available to Australian patients; successful harvest of second Medicinal Cannabis crop
  • January 2019: Export License granted by the Federal Department of Health
  • May 2019: Binding export deals with Germany, UK, Canada and New Zealand signed for significant offtake from planned first expansion