We're growing and thriving like our cannabis plants

First in Australia

Little Green Pharma was the first medicinal cannabis company in Australia to produce locally-cultivated medicinal-grade cannabis oil products.

We are a responsive organisation that has a proven ability to quickly adapt and succeed in a dynamic, fast-moving market environment. The company has speedily and successfully navigated the Australian regulatory system and has established strong relationships with key regulators.

Producing Cannabis Oil in Australia since 2018

Established in 2016 as a privately-owned company in Perth, Western Australia, we have been supplying Australian patients with clean and naturally grown medicinal cannabis products since August 2018. Building on our established position in Australia, we are now expanding operations overseas, with a focus on Europe including Germany and the UK.

Stringent quality growing and manufacturing standards

We cultivate our medicinal cannabis plants in accordance with stringent Australian quality standards in the South West of Western Australia, a region renowned for its pristine environment and production of premium agricultural products. Our products are then manufactured in one of the few EU-recognised Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) medicinal cannabis manufacturing facilities globally, giving us an exceptional opportunity to supply both local and overseas markets.

Vision & Mission

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Our Crop Science

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