Patient Focused

Our goal is to make high-quality medical cannabis an obtainable option for patients

An alternative treatment option

Cannabinoid therapies, such as medical cannabis oil, offer patients an important therapeutic option where traditional medicines have been unsuccessful or caused unwanted side effects.

These therapies have potential therapeutic uses for a variety of conditions. It is important to check if you are eligible for medicinal cannabis therapy and, if eligible, also discuss this therapy option with your doctor.

High-quality and innovative products

Our goal is to produce innovative medicinal cannabis products to the highest quality standards at affordable prices.

At Little Green Pharma we manufacture a range of clean and naturally-grown medicinal cannabis products with differing cannabinoid profiles. Our products have been developed with evidence-based ratios of THC and CBD that treat a range of conditions which research has shown respond well to medicinal cannabis after traditional therapy treatments have failed. All our products undergo rigorous testing and meet the highest standards.

We are currently championing two new production formulations that are expected to facilitate delivery of drug quantities in smaller doses while preserving the same medical benefits, making it a more efficient delivery method for patients.

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Working closely with healthcare professionals

While there is significant global patient demand for medicinal cannabis treatments, there has been very little medical training for healthcare practitioners. This is mainly due to the fact that cannabis was previously illegal for medical purposes but also because the discovery of the Endocannabinoid System (ECS) wasn't made until the early 1990's and still isn't on the curriculum at medical school. This combination, along with no previous exposure to medicinal cannabis, can lead to a lack of understanding and confidence when prescribing. This often creates frustration for both patients and practitioners.

Little Green Pharma are helping build awareness and credibility of medicinal cannabis treatment in Australia and Europe by working closely with key opinion leaders, doctors and healthcare professionals; providing them with educational resources and information specific to their relevant regulatory frameworks.

Commitment to research

Little Green Pharma remain committed to furthering research to better understand the effectiveness of medicinal cannabis in the treatment of conditions, including clinical trials that investigate:

  • additional conditions that respond to medicinal cannabis
  • identification of therapeutic cannabinoids or combinations of therapeutic cannabinoids that best treat individual conditions
  • optimised dosing regimens.

We are partnering with key researchers and specialists in Australia to conduct further research into these key areas with the aim to improve patient outcomes and contribute to the body of evidence supporting medicinal cannabis as a therapeutic treatment option.


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