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Medical Practitioners who are informed and comfortable discussing Medical Cannabis

Option 1: We can help you find a doctor

If you'd like us to find a doctor for you, please contact our team and we'll reach out to our network of medical practitioners.

Simply fill out the form on our Contact Us page and advise that you would like assistance with finding a doctor near you. Fill in the form at the bottom of this page.

Before contacting us, patients should be aware that currently:

  • medical cannabis will only be prescribed if you have a diagnosed chronic medical condition
  • this treatment option is generally considered where other medications have proven ineffective or poorly tolerated by the patient, or where the patient is in palliative or end-of-life care.
  • The following conditions will likely rule out medical cannabis: pregnant or breastfeeding, or history of psychotic illness.

Option 2: Find a Doctor on GreenChoices

If you would like to find a list of doctors that are open to discussing medical cannabis and contact them yourself please visit:

GreenChoices: Find a Doctor

Patients please note:

Before talking to a new doctor about medical cannabis, patients considering medicinal cannabis treatment should first discuss this option with their treating GP or specialist medical practitioner.

Please read Talking to your doctor for more information.

Your current treating medical practitioner should have a good understanding of your medical conditions AND access to your medical records. Information regarding your medical records may need to be submitted if an application is made to the TGA.

However, as medical cannabis is a relatively new healthcare treatment option for Australian doctors, some practitioners may lack experience or not be comfortable prescribing medicinal cannabis. As most medicinal cannabis products are currently not registered, the regulatory framework also imposes different and generally more challenges and time-consuming requirements than those applicable to TGA-approved and established products.

What to take to your consult

If you are visiting a new doctor, you will need to discuss with them the following information so they can consider your suitability for medical cannabis as a treatment option:

  • Previous medical history (around the condition you would like to discuss medical cannabis as a treatment)
  • Previous medications taken (for this same condition)
  • List of your current medications
  • Summary of prior medical history and diagnosis (eg high blood pressure, asthma etc)

It is recommended to bring this information to your consultation and you can request this from your current practice or medical centre.

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