Current Product Range

At Little Green Pharma we are focused on manufacturing a range of medical cannabis preparations with differing cannabinoid profiles and optimal delivery methods.

Our current products are manufactured locally in Australia using a whole-plant extract formulation and with a variety of THC and CBD ratios to suit a number of conditions commonly treated with medicinal cannabis. They are presented in a simple oil formulation, providing practitioners with a high-quality, reliable product for patients.

Little Green Pharma is also championing a product development pipeline that includes:

LGP Natural

A natural version of each product range which seeks to preserve the original carboxylated profile of the cannabis flower, thus retaining high levels of cannabioids CBDA and non-intoxicating THCA. Learn more about the potential benefits of THC/CBD or additional cannabinoids.

LGP Advanced

An advanced formulation using enhanced delivery systems. These novel patented formulations are anticipated to deliver micro-doses more readily absorbed into the body.

The key benefits of our proposed future LGP Advanced products are expected to include:

  • High bio-availability: Little Green Pharma’s advanced formulations are expected to achieve therapeutic effectiveness with lower dosage, meaning less active ingredient is needed; and
  • Cost saving and higher margins: Lower dose active ingredient quantities are anticipated to result in lower-cost production

Want to know more?

Please contact us to learn when our LGP Natural and Advanced ranges will be available.

Full Spectrum Plant Extract

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