Research & Development

Product development

Little Green Pharma believes that its brand recognition and reputation as a medicinal cannabis provider will likely be derived from its commitment to clinical development activities aimed at developing innovative products, including novel delivery systems and precisely formulated cannabinoid products, as well as improving the methods, processes and technologies employed to manufacture such products on a commercial scale.

A commitment to research

We believe in the need for continued research into medical cannabis in a variety of conditions. Little Green Pharma is involved in several clinical investigations, including two open-label designed studies as well as a double-blind placebo-controlled clinical trial run by a leading Australian research organisation for palliative care and advanced cancer. These study and trial outcomes will assist in informing the Company’s future clinical trial plans and product development.

We are excited to be paving the way for clinicians to have access to data that can improve lives in so many different settings.

Partner with us

If you are interested in collaborating with Little Green Pharma regarding medical education grants, scholarships or specific investigator-initiated pre-clinical and clinical research, please send site and investigator information to LGP via email.

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