Clinical Trials

Ongoing research

Although there is growing scientific evidence showing medicinal cannabis can benefit patients in a variety of clinical settings, Little Green Pharma believe further research is still needed.

We are currently pursuing clinical development pathways in medicinal cannabis for various conditions.

We remain committed to furthering research to better understand the effectiveness of medicinal cannabis in the treatment of other conditions, including clinical trials researching:

  • additional conditions that respond to medicinal cannabis
  • identification of therapeutic cannabinoids or combinations of therapeutic cannabinoids that best treat individual conditions
  • optimised dosing regimens.

Little Green Pharma is partnering with key researchers and specialists in Australia to conduct further research into these key areas and look to do the same overseas shortly.

Partner with us

If you are interested in collaborating with Little Green Pharma regarding medical education grants, scholarships or specific investigator-initiated pre-clinical and clinical research, please send site and investigator information to LGP via email.


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Additional Cannabinoids

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