Product development

Little Green Pharma is committed to product development activities, including the following development projects:

  • LGP Plus: The company is considering developing a “Plus” product range. Plus would combine the Classic product with the Company’s small particle formulation technology to potentially enable reduced dosing requirements compared to LGP’s current Classic oil line. Little Green Pharma also plans to develop a line of “Plus Natural” products, which would use our patented small particle formulation containing higher ratios of carboxylated cannabinoids.
  • ARISE: ARISE is a supercritical anti-solvent extraction technology that increases the surface area of particles of active pharmaceutical ingredients with the potential to increase the absorption of drugs by the body. The company holds an exclusive licence to exploit the ARISE technology in connection with medicinal cannabis and has agreed to a research and development agreement with Curtin University to explore new formulations of medicinal cannabis that utilise the ARISE technology.
  • OBJ Transdermal Technology: Little Green Pharma is investigating a proposed partnership with OBJ Limited (ASX:OBJ), with product development services to be provided by Curtin University, to create new cannabis-related products.

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