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Making nature’s medicine more accessible and affordable to patients all over the world.

About us

Affordable medical cannabis products for those who need it most.

At Little Green Pharma, we’re passionate about helping patients transform their lives for the better. We believe everyone should have access to affordable natural alternatives, which is why we continuously develop quality cannabis medicines to help those living with chronic conditions.

As one of the most recognisable brands in the European and Australian medical cannabis space, we lead the way in medical cannabis care delivering innovative solutions out of our world-class operations in Denmark and Australia.

Global distribution network

If you’re passionate about connecting patients with the cannabis care they need to live a better life, Little Green Pharma can help.

We’re always looking for patient-centred partners who want to give their patients access to the care they deserve, for a price they can afford. 

High quality cannabis medicines

Our medicines are manufactured in accordance with Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) requirements and tested multiple times to meet the stringent quality standards both in Europe and Australia.

Whether you’re a patient or prescriber, you can be confident in your cannabis care, knowing all of our medicines are premium grade and quality controlled to the world’s highest standards.


Working with industry leaders and innovators

Little Green Partner partners with industry leaders and innovators to ensure the cannabis products we deliver provide the relief patients with chronic conditions require. We are dedicated to developing unique drug delivery technologies and product registration with the aim of creating protectable IP bringing commercial differentiation.

The science behind cannabis care

Little Green Pharma stands behind ethical clinical research that delivers independent, science-based evidence. We have published peer reviewed medical research showing positive results for our balanced THC: CBD cannabis oil for patients suffering refractory pain.

In Australia we have undertaken the world’s largest longitudinal study considering the effects of medical cannabis on quality of life, with plans to expand recruitment internationally.

Green by name, green by nature.

Environmental Sustainability

At Little Green Pharma, we’ve developed a strong ESG profile built on our core business of supplying natural medicines to patients suffering from a variety of complex medical conditions. 

With a focus on the future, we’ve established a Green Committee to ensure our core business continues to give back while positively impacting both society and the environment.

Economic Vitality
Environmental Sustainability
Lifetime Well-being
Ethical Capacity
Societal Enablement
Access & Inclusion

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