All Little Green Pharma medicines comply with the strict Australian Therapeutic Goods (Standard for Medicinal Cannabis) (TGO 93) Order 2017 and are grown and manufactured in GMP facilities located in Australia and Denmark. This means patients and prescribers can be reassured that our labelling is accurate (tested multiple times to ensure patients receive the correct amount of cannabinoids as prescribed) and all our products are free from pesticides, moulds, bacteria, heavy metals and contaminants.

The two major types of products available at Little Green Pharma are oils (which are ingested) and flowers (which are usually inhaled through vaporising). Oil based products are the preferred and most common method of administration.

Cannabis oil is made by extracting concentrated resin from the cannabis flower, and diluting the resin with a pharmaceutical grade oil. The finished oil product has a defined concentration measured in mg of THC and mg of CBD per mL of oil.

Our medical cannabis preparations provide various THC and CBD profiles and are currently available as medicinal cannabis oils and dried flower cannabis.

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