Operating across the entire supply chain enables Little Green Pharma to identify higher-margin opportunities as well as ways to reduce costs for patients. Our supply chain capabilities support the company’s strategy of achieving high-volume sales in local and overseas markets as well as its goal of developing unique, high-margin drug delivery systems

Having production facilities in both Australia and Denmark, strategically located within key global markets, has armed us with the necessary global production capacity and market proximity to help realise this strategy. The company continues to carefully develop its supply profile into multiple markets as it negotiates and executes LGP-branded and white-label supply arrangements with various distribution partners. Meanwhile, we continue to focus on the development of unique, high-margin drug delivery systems to further differentiate Little Green Pharma in the market


GACP: Good Agricultural and Collection Practices is a set of guidelines recognised internationally covering areas of cultivation (from seeds and propagation material), collection, harvest, processing, packaging, personnel, equipment, documentation and others for the sake of satisfying required quality assurance in medicinal plant cultivation.

GMP: Good Manufacturing Practice is a system for ensuring that products are consistently produced and controlled according to quality standards, designed to minimise the risks involved in pharmaceutical production that cannot be eliminated through testing the final product.

Cultivation and Manufacturing

Our cultivation and manufacturing capabilities are underpinned by two world class cannabis cultivation and manufacturing facilities, located in Australia and Denmark.

Our Australian facility has a cultivation capacity of 110,000 bottles equivalent of cannabis oils per annum. This includes optional capacity to double production with further expansion. In addition, our indoor GACP cultivation facility capacity ~3 tonnes p.a. biomass (~1.5 tonnes p.a. of dried cannabis flower) and is a TGA-GMP manufacturing facility licensed to produce flower, extracts (oils), tinctures and APIs.

Our Danish indoor GACP cultivation facility capacity includes a 21,500m2 glasshouse house cultivation area, 4,000m2 post-harvest GMP manufacturing facility and onsite laboratory.

These two strategically located production facilities allow LGP to service Southern and Northern hemisphere markets. Both facilities are producing EU-GMP recognised cannabis medicines with GMP production from Australia and Denmark facilities recognised as the highest quality pharmaceutical grade across target markets.

Product Innovation

Little Green Pharma is committed to studies intended to generate new knowledge (peer reviewed publication) in terms of safety and efficacy; increase brand awareness and consumer confidence of medicinal formulations currently being prescribed to patients. Another goal of these studies is to identify key unmet patient needs and facilitate regulatory approval and market authorisation for our future products.


LGP’s medical portal allows subscribing healthcare professionals to access extensive resources on medicinal cannabis, prescribing LGP medicines, treatment and dosing guides, and research on conditions treated with medical cannabis; and to view webinars and live events

With easy-to-access digital education, LGP also offers an access portal for patients and healthcare professionals located on its sponsored site, GreenChoices.com.au. This allows prescribers to access a range of resources to improve professional knowledge, and a directory that connects patients to doctors familiar with prescribing medicinal cannabis. LGP has also expanded its medical science liaison team to support the education of doctors and now has strong representation across multiple regions.

In addition, the LGP considers patient advocates to be a particularly important and influential group to assist in raising awareness of medicinal cannabis products and treatments.


With its cultivation and manufacturing base domiciled in Australia, LGP is seeking to capitalise on Australia’s international reputation for high quality, trusted products born from its leading agricultural and production practices.


LGP was the third global medicinal cannabis manufacturer to deliver full plant extract oils into Germany, the third largest medicinal cannabis market globally and the largest medicinal cannabis market currently available to Australian producers. LGP’s first commercial shipment LGP GMP-manufactured medicinal cannabis oils was to CC Pharma GmbH in Germany. Due to limited local German production, Germany’s primary source of medicinal cannabis is through imports from overseas suppliers, with the market estimated to grow to €1.5 billion by 2025.

In 2022 LGP also signed a three-year distribution agreement with AMP for the distribution of LGP-branded cannabis oil medicines in Germany. AMP is a leading pharmaceutical supplier of medical cannabis products with one of the largest medical liaison teams in Germany


In 2020, Little Green Pharma announced the first export of Australian medicinal cannabis products for patients to the UK. The products were distributed in the UK by Astral Health, a UK-based specialist importer and distributor of medicinal cannabis products and a subsidiary of the LYPHE Group. Australia’s Minister for Health, the Honourable Greg Hunt said:

“This first export of Australian-produced medicinal cannabis oils to the UK marks an important step in fulfilling Australia’s vision of building a global medicinal cannabis industry capable of supplying quality medicinal cannabis products to both Australian and overseas patients.”

Greg Hunt – Minister for Health

Other Major Jurisdictions  

LGP has signed distribution agreements in other major countries including:

France: Government Trial Tender

Italy: Government Trial Tender

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