LGP’s core business of supplying cannabis medicines to patients suffering a variety of medical conditions ensures the company already has a strong ESG (Environmental, Social & Governance) profile.

To help close remaining gaps, the company has established a Green Committee, with the clear objective of identifying any remaining improvements and facilitating the company’s ESG compliance journey.

The Committee focuses on assessing the Six Dimensions of Impact (modelled by the Boston Consulting Group) that identify a holistic range of societal benefits capable of being generated by a business. By adding a societal impact lens to our strategy, Little Green Pharma has begun creating a framework to ensure its core business both contributes to society as well as ensuring a positive correlation with financial performance. We believe these efforts will create distinctive competencies and create value for the benefit of both shareholders and society. The Green Committee explores environmental, social and governance issues relevant to the production of cannabis-based medicines for the healthcare sector. Through the Six Dimensions of Impact, the Committee works to identify likely ESG gaps and set credible ESG goals for the LGP Group. A significant decision by the company has been to move to 100% renewable power at its WA production facility, with similar goals for our Danish facility.

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