First Australian-grown cannabis medicines

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23 Aug 2018

First australian medical cannabis

Little Green Pharma (LGP), is the first Australian company to locally-grow and produce medicinal cannabis products for sale to Australian patients. The first products are now ready to be delivered to patients.

Medicinal cannabis is currently being prescribed in Australia for a variety of conditions with the Commonwealth Department of Health developing clinical guidance documents for the treatment of epilepsy, multiple sclerosis, chemotherapy-induced nausea and vomiting, chronic non-cancer pain and palliative care (visit

LGP’s Managing Director, Fleta Solomon said that local production and a more affordable treatment option would make a significant difference to thousands of Australians seeking medicinal cannabis products.

“At present, Australians who want these medicines have to buy expensive imported products or travel overseas for treatment,” Fleta said.

“The advent of Australian production marks a new era for cannabis medicines. This will accelerate a vital and valuable science-based industry with significant export potential.”

LGP is making high quality and reliable medicinal cannabis products available to Australians. The medicines are cultivated, without pesticides, in a hydroponic facility in Western Australia’s South West region and processed in a manufacturing facility near Perth.

The products have been subject to extensive assessment and testing based on the TGA regulation, before being distributed under Australia’s tightly controlled medical prescription system.
Medicinal cannabis products must be prescribed by medical practitioners and sold by registered pharmacists.

Until now, some patients, and the distressed parents of chronically-ill children, have sought out illegal cannabis suppliers to access potentially unsafe products. With the new regulations and the development of a controlled production and prescription regime, this trade is being displaced by the strict quality control requirements of the Australian government.

Australian GP Dr Teresa Towpik has been studying the therapeutic properties of cannabis and applying it in her practice in Sydney with promising results.

“Medicinal cannabis is very exciting because it has the potential to help so many people,” she said. “The launch of a medicinal cannabis medicine by an Australian producer is an important step towards the establishment of a network of ethical growers, manufacturers, doctors and pharmacists in Australia.” “One of the important features of an Australian product made under Australian regulations is that we know exactly what it contains, so we can use it judiciously and responsibly in a proper clinical setting.”

“This way side effects will be minimised, and therapeutic responses optimised.’’

The success of a well-established industry in North America and Israel has encouraged the Australian Federal Government to plan for a major domestic and export industry.
Fleta Solomon says Little Green Pharma, as the first producer in Australia, aims to become a major national and international supplier.

“We know that we can provide a consistent and reliable medicinal cannabis product and we are excited about being part of a great Australian industry” she said.

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