Little Green Pharma is proud to announce that it is sponsoring an Australia-wide medical cannabis study. The QUality of life Evaluation STudy (The QUEST Initiative) aims to be one of the world’s largest longitudinal studies and is being facilitated by a leading Australian university. The QUEST study objectives are to investigate the quality of life and health economic impacts on patients with chronic diseases prescribed medicinal cannabis.

The Federal Minster for Health, the Honourable Greg Hunt said “the QUEST Initiative represents a significant Australian contribution to the global need for reliable, objective and clinically-relevant quality of life data for patients accessing medicinal cannabis treatments for a broad range of chronic conditions.”

The study is guided by an experienced advisory group and endorsed by a range of national bodies, such as MS research Australia, Chronic Pain AustraliaArthritis Australia, Epilepsy Australia and Australian health care provider, HIF.

The study will run for a period of two years and hopes to recruit at least 2,100 patients by June 2021. As the study grows it has the potential to be extended to international patients.

Little Green Pharma will exclusively supply the medicinal cannabis products to patients enrolled in the study.

To learn more about the QUEST initiative or to find out if you could be eligible visit the QUEST initiative.

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