Little Green Pharma is pleased to announce it has been granted a product registration for its 16% THC “Billinol LGP” cannabis flower medicine by the Danish Medicines Agency.

The grant represents the culmination of a 2.5-year application process, with Billinol LGP being the first locally produced cannabis medicine in Denmark to receive product registration. Billinol LGP will be cultivated and produced at LGP’s Denmark Facility, with the LGP expecting to distribute its first products to patients before the end of the calendar year. Currently, Bedrocan is the only other medicinal cannabis manufacturer supplying cannabis flower into Denmark, with no other cannabis-based medicines available other than Sativex, Epidiolex and compounded formulations, making LGP only the second supplier to have a registered flower medicine in country.

The registration also gives the Group significant access to the 27 million people living in the Nordic region. Under mutual recognition agreements with Sweden, Norway and Finland, as well as through direct prescription by Danish prescribers, patients prescribed medicinal cannabis from these countries can access registered Danish cannabis medicines supplied by Danish distributors.

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