Little Green Pharma Ltd (ASX: LGP, “LGP” or the “Company”) is pleased to announce the entry into a medicinal cannabis distribution agreement (“Agreement”) with Sana Life Sciences Ltd (“Sana”) for the supply of LGP branded Classic Oils, Desert Flame flower, and a further balanced flower product currently in development, for distribution in the United Kingdom and UK crown dependences (“Territory”).

Under the Agreement, the parties grant each other mutual exclusivity in the Territory for the supply or distribution of LGP 10:10 Classic Oil and medicinal cannabis oils with the same or similar ratios, subject to Sana meeting certain minimum exclusivity purchase thresholds per annum.

With a potential revenue opportunity of A$1.44m (£820,0001) per annum in the third year just for the 10:10 oil, together with additional revenues from sales of the remaining oils and flower ranges, the Agreement represents a key step in LGP’s twin strategy of selling its own LGP-branded sales into the UK and EU while developing and supplying client-specific white-label strains for clients across Europe.

For more information please see the LGP Investor Centre

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