Curtin University, Little Green Pharma and the Health Insurance Fund of Australia (HIF) unite to launch QUEST Global, following the success of the original, award-winning QUEST Initiative.

Australians living with one of 200 chronic conditions may now be eligible to participate in what is expected to become the world’s largest study into the impact of medicinal cannabis treatment on health economic outcomes and quality of life for patients suffering from chronic health conditions.

The QUEST Global study, led by Curtin University and sponsored by Little Green Pharma, aims to be one of the world’s largest longitudinal studies. The study will assess whether medicinal cannabis reduces the economic impact of chronic disease, by reducing both the number of medications a patient requires and their need for healthcare services.

The new QUEST Global study will be conducted over five years and has no cap on candidate numbers. Study participants will be able to access medicinal cannabis products at a subsidised amount in compensation for completing online surveys.

The project has been endorsed by MS Research Australia, Arthritis Australia, Chronic Pain Australia, Epilepsy Action Australia and HIF. HIF is the first Australian health fund to publicly declare support for medicinal cannabis treatments and provide rebates on these products.

Join the QUEST

To learn more about the new Global QUEST initiative or to find out if you could be eligible visit The QUEST initiative.

About QUEST Initiative and QUEST Global

The original QUEST Initiative (UniSyd HREC: 2020/589) launched in 2021 and recruited 3300 patients within its first 12 months. To date, it is believed to be the world’s largest observational study into the treatment of chronic conditions using medicinal cannabis.

The preliminary results collated from the interim 3 months analysis of the QUEST Initiative have shown significant improvements in patient quality of life and are currently being compiled for peer-reviewed publication. The QUEST Global study (Curtin HRE2022-0085) is also expected to provide invaluable insights for patients, prescribers, researchers and the medicinal cannabis industry.

In recognition of its importance in providing reliable, objective and clinically-relevant quality of life data for patients using medicinal cannabis treatments for chronic conditions, the QUEST Initiative was recently crowned the ‘R&D Project of the Year’ at the inaugural Cannabiz Awards 2023. 

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