Patient Dosing Diary

for patients prescribed LGP Classic range medical cannabis

If you have been prescribed LGP Classic range medical cannabis and need to print dosing diary pages to assist with noting daily effects for use with your doctor, you can download this here.

LGP Classic range Dosing Diary
Little Green Pharma Dosing Diary for patient use

Please note: This dosing diary is intended for patients who have been prescribed a product from the LGP Classic range of medical cannabis in Australia. This may be useful to share at follow-up appointments with your doctor. Information provided in this document does not replace professional advice from your doctor. Please also read the Consumer Medicine Information leaflet which is supplied inside the box of all Little Green Pharma products.

Little Green Pharma has also produced a Patient Guide booklet that is ONLY available through your doctor and is useful for first-time patients being prescribed medicinal cannabis. Your doctor is able to request a copy of the guide via