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Little Green Pharma offers a range of medical cannabis products/medications with varying CBD and THC ratios that meet strict Australian labelling and quality requirements. Explore the LGP medicines range combined with information on how to order your medication. There is also a helpful FAQ section with pathways to contact the LGP team.

All product information is available for Health Care Professionals via the LGP Medical Portal


The below resources aim to help patients understand more about the LGP product range.

Frequently Asked Questions

The most common medicinal cannabis products in Australia are cannabis oils and dried flowers. Oils are ingested via a syringe or dropper whereas dried flowers are usually inhaled via a vaporiser (smoking is never recommended).

Both methods have pros and cons and are best discussed with your doctor.

Your recommended dose will be determined in consultation with your doctor. They will take into account multiple factors including your condition, current medications, physical health and body type.

The TGA recommends a ‘start low and go slow’ approach to dosing in line with international guidelines.

Dosing remains highly individualised and relies on each patient to work with their medical practitioner to find the dose that works best for them. The rate, speed of dose adjustment and total daily dose will depend on individual response.

Over 144 cannabinoids have been isolated within the cannabis plant but the main cannabinoids that are clinically used today are: Delta 9-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and Cannabidiol (CBD). CBD and THC have similar chemical makeup. THC can have psychoactive  effects like euphoria, however, CBD is non-intoxicating, is non-addictive and less potent than THC with very low toxicity.

The two main differences between street cannabis and medical cannabis are the level of quality control and consistency and the visibility of cannabinoid content, such as THC and CBD.

Private rebates are at the discretion of the individual health fund. It is recommended that you contact your fund or health insurer to discuss your cover and options.

HIF is the industry leader regarding cover and rebates for medicinal cannabis. HIF will pay a benefit towards medicinal cannabis products if your Extras cover includes Pharmacy. The benefits are payable from 9th September 2020. Find more here Medicinal Cannabis And Treatment Access (hif.com.au)

Medicare may cover your consultation with your GP or specialist, however this will depend on the fee policy of your medical practitioner and the type of appointment (telehealth and new patients may not be eligible for a rebate).

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