Doctor support

and comprehensive resources regarding medicinal cannabis

Why choose Little Green Pharma?

Our experienced Medical Team has been helping doctors with prescribing assistance and SAS applications since we launched Australia’s first medicinal cannabis products in 2018.

We’re here to simplify everything to do with medicinal cannabis to save time so you can focus on assisting your patients.

We are an established and reliable, Australian grower and manufacturer producing rigorously tested, locally-made products in an Australian, TGA-approved GMP facility. All product information is available in our Medical Portal and you can register for access at

Our priorities are the same as yours: patients - we provide affordable products and ensure ongoing supply.

Need medical cannabis information or application assistance?

Simply contact our Medical team via email or phone 1300 118 840.and we’ll guide you through the entire prescription process with product information, dosing guidance, and case studies.

Alternatively, register online to our comprehensive Medical Portal for product information and all the resources you’ll need to prescribe.

Learn how to become a medicinal cannabis prescriber

With over 200 conditions approved for the use of medicinal cannabis and patient demand increasing month on month, we are here to educate you about cannabinoid medicines. Little Green Pharma offers face-to-face or video education sessions, free Medicinal Cannabis Introduction Course, how-to videos and recorded doctor speaker events. Contact us to learn more or access these resources via our Medical Portal.

Register to the Medical Portal and access:

  • Product information
  • Online course(s)
  • Resources: prescribing toolkit / how-to videos/ patient case studies
  • Application assistance
  • Clinical justification & treatment plans


Register for an upcoming event

Little Green Pharma run regular webinars and face-to-face events for prescribers facilitated by independent medical practitioners who are regularly prescribing medicinal cannabis and can offer insights along with case studies for new prescribers. Register your interest to attend these events by emailing our Medical Team.

Contact our Medical Team

Contact our Medical Team via email or phone 1300 118 840 to arrange a dedicated one-on-one session. We can assist you through the entire prescription process.