Ordering Little Green Pharma products

How to order

Please contact the following distributors to order Little Green Pharma products.

Health House International
Ph: (08) 9444 2444
E: info@healthhouse.com.au

Western Australia - Patient Delivery
If the patient would like their product delivered to their home, you can advise the patient to contact:

Oxford Compounding
Ph (08) 9225 9400

Pharmacists who wish to order products for WA patients please go through Health House International.

What is required from a patient?

Upon approval from the relevant regulators, a patient will need to present their script and approvals for medical cannabis at their choice of pharmacy.

The relevant Health Department approvals and script will need to be sent to the wholesaler by the pharmacy. Wholesalers then release their product to the pharmacy who will dispense this to the patient. Hospital pharmacies may supply for in-patients on a copy of a medication chart order.

Please note:

A pharmacist can dispense product to a patient only on receipt of an original prescription, as well as a copy of the TGA Approval and, if relevant*, a State Health approval.

* Schedule 4 CBD products do not usually require a State Health approval. In most cases, schedule 8 products also do not require a State Health approval in NSW and QLD.

About the LGP Classic range

Each bottle in the LGP Classic range is 50mL and inside the sealed box patients will find a syringe with a cap, a clear plastic adapter and the Consumer Medicine Information leaflet.

To learn about the product suit please go to our Product Overview page.

To learn how to administer the medical cannabis you can view a short video here https://www.littlegreenpharma.com/products/how-to-use-lgp-classic-range

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