Ordering Little Green Pharma products

How to order

Any pharmacy can order LGP Classic products from our national distributors:

Oxford Compounding / Oxford Pharma
Delivers to pharmacies Australia wide and most residential addresses*.
If patients in WA would like to pick up products from Oxford Compounding, prescribers can advise their patients to contact:

T. 08 9225 9400 or 08 6313 8955
Fax. 08 9328 1522
E. info@compoundingonoxford.com.au or orders@oxfordpharma.com.au
73 Angove Street, North Perth, WA 6006

Health House International
Delivers to pharmacies Australia wide
W. www.shop.healthhouse.com.au
T. 08 9444 2444
E. info@healthhouse.com.au

Delivers to pharmacies Australia wide and most residential addresses*
W. www.canview.com.au
T. 07 5689 3751
E. enquiries@canview.com.au

*Contact the distributor directly to confirm deliveries to residential addresses

About the LGP Classic range

Each bottle in the LGP Classic range is 50mL and inside the sealed box patients will find a syringe with a cap, a clear plastic adapter and the Consumer Medicine Information leaflet.

To learn about the product suit please go to our Product Overview page.

To learn how to administer the medical cannabis you can view a short video here https://www.littlegreenpharma.com/products/how-to-use-lgp-classic-range