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The LGP product range

All Little Green Pharma products are Australian made and conform with Therapeutic Goods (Standard for Medicinal Cannabis) (TGO 93) Order 2017.

Our medical cannabis preparations provide various THC and CBD profiles and are currently available as LGP Classic medicinal cannabis oils.

These medicinal cannabis oils are manufactured from a whole plant (full spectrum) extract together with medium-chain triglyceride (MCT) oil.

Little Green Pharma can arrange the supply of the following products with an approved prescription obtained via Special Access Scheme or Authorised Prescriber applications.

LGP Classic Range

The LGP Classic range has a variety of THC and CBD ratios presented in a simple oil formulation. THC and CBD in a 1:1 ratio is a common starting point for Australian practitioners.

Little Green Pharma has implemented three colours to assist medical practitioners to identify the ratio of cannabinoids THC and CBD in our products. The THC dominant products are represented by orange, THC/CBD Balance (equal ratio) by green and CBD dominant represented by blue.

Want to know more about our cannabis oil products?

For more information about these medical cannabis oil products Medical Practitioners can contact our education team at medical@lgpharma.com.au or Ph (08) 6280 0050

For information on how to discuss medical cannabis with your doctor and the steps to accessing medical cannabis in Australia, you can download the Simple Steps to Accessing Medicinal Cannabis Guide here.

PLEASE NOTE: The purpose of this webpage is to educate and inform healthcare professionals about Little Green Pharma products. Our products are non-ARTG (unregistered) and available under the Special Access Scheme (SAS).


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