Ordering LGP medical cannabis

Little Green Pharma has wholesale distributors delivering nationwide. For information on how to order LGP products that suit you and your business, please call our Medical Team for assistance on 1300 118 840.

Detailed product information

The Medical Portal also includes detailed product information, dosing guidance, CMIs and other resources to assist with dispensing our cannabis medicines.

Pharmacies can order LGP products from any of our distribution partners:

Oxford Pharma
Delivers to pharmacies Australia wide and most residential addresses*
W. www.oxfordpharma.com.au/shop
T. 08 9225 9400 / 08 6313 8955

Delivers to pharmacies Australia wide and most residential addresses*
W. canview.com.au
T. 07 5689 3751

Health House International
Delivers to pharmacies Australia wide
W. shop.healthhouse.com.au
T. 08 9444 2444

Delivers to pharmacies Australia wide
W. leafio.com.au
T. 03 7003 8214

The Entourage Effect
7/45 Huntley Street
Alexandria  NSW  2015
Ph: 1300 223 842

*Contact the distributor directly to confirm deliveries to residential addresses.

Ordering LGP concession supply

Little Green Pharma concession supply (10%) is only available via our distributor Oxford Compounding. For pharmacies wanting to order LGP concession products or review the pharmacy purchase price, please go to Oxford’s online portal – www.oxfordpharma.com.au/shop/.

Please enter the code LGPCC10 in the discount coupon field and enter the concession card number in the comment section on the checkout page.

Please note:

  • Must have an active Centrelink Customer Reference Number (CRN) – ideally check via PBS Online.
  • Cardholders only (not their dependents listed on the card) are entitled to the concession prices.
  • The 10% concession card discount cannot be combined with the Compassionate Access supply, but the 10% discount can be used after the compassionate access supply if eligible.
  • QUEST patients are not eligible for compassionate access supply of concession card discount.

Please let us know if you have any questions regarding our Concession or Healthcare Card Discount; we are happy to discuss the above with you in more detail.

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