The TGA has implemented changes to medicinal cannabis quality, packaging, and labelling requirements from July 1, 2023. The new changes see Australian GMP requirements incorporated into compliance for imported goods, whereas previously they were only applied to products manufactured in Australia.

The most notable changes are to manufacturing quality, child-resistant packaging, labels, and microbiological attributes.

Every batch of imported products must now meet several equivalent GMP codes accredited by the national authority at the country of origin. LGP has always proudly met the AU GMP requirements, and encourages prescribers to question manufacturers on:

  • Whether their products meet the new requirements?
  • Where are they manufacturing and packaging their final products, and why is it different?
  • What their product stability is?

New requirements for labelling and packaging will also go into effect, including child-resistant packaging for all products, except flower. Labelling will be standardised to include the name of the product and product sponsor, active ingredients, concentrations, batch numbers and expiry dates.

As prescribers, you may notice a change to the labelling of products, especially the LGP Classic product range, to further clarify what the products contain.

The TGA has issued a guidance note on conforming with TGO93, including the 2022 amendments.

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