• LGP signs three-year distribution agreement with AMP for the distribution of LGP-branded cannabis oil medicines in Germany
  • AMP is a leading pharmaceutical supplier of medical cannabis products with one of the largest medical liaison teams in Germany
  • AMP agrees to purchase certain Minimum Annual Quantities and not promote any other cannabis oil products in Germany
  • AMP granted exclusive rights to distribute two LGP-branded cannabis oils together with three other LGP-branded oils on a non exclusive basis
  • LGP may distribute and market its own LGP branded oils on its own behalf after the first year of the Agreement
  • Agreement further strengthens distribution of LGP-branded oils into Germany and supports strong brand recognition of LGP products in Germany.

Little Green Pharma Ltd (ASX: LGP, “LGP” or the “Company”) is pleased to announce it has entered a three-year exclusive distribution agreement with AMP Medical Products GmbH (“AMP”) for the distribution of LGP cannabis oils in Germany. Under the Agreement, AMP agrees to exclusively distribute and market LGP cannabis oil medicines and not promote any other oil products in Germany. In return, the Company will supply AMP with its 10:10 LGP Classic and 20:5 LGP Classic cannabis oils on an exclusive basis, as well as its 1:20 LGP Classic, 1:100 LGP Classic and CBD 50 LGP Classic oils on a non-exclusive basis.

AMP distribution and marketing capability

AMP is a leading pharmaceutical supplier of medical cannabis products, has one of the largest medical liaison teams, and hosts a broad range of well-attended medicinal cannabis education sessions for physicians and allied health professionals. The AMP Group is listed on stock exchanges in Germany and on the Canadian Securities Exchange. Agreement drives LGP brand recognition in Germany AMP represents a trusted and exclusive partner. LGP anticipates AMP’s significant marketing and sales capability will help further grow patient and prescriber recognition of the LGP brand across its product suite.

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